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tester/qa team outsourcing

We will find the best people to support your business. With years of expirience in software testing, we know the best people in the business and where to find them.

 Software testing for a single project

Improve and speed up your software development process with our best QA engineers. We support cross browser testing and tests on the most popular devices like: Ipads, Iphones, Android phones, Windows and MAC OS computers. Depending on your needs we can:

-Test daily development tasks to speed up your programming process and improve quality 

-Set up automated regression tests and smoke tests

-Set up performance tests

-Perform security testing

-Accessibility testing

-End to End testing

-Usability testing

OUtSOURCE ALL OF THE software quality assurance

in your business

We will analyse your product and software development cycle then design and adapt the most efficient way of testing. Receive regular testing reports, get support for your engineers in resolving and understanding bugs, we will test their daily tasks in order to speed up development process and improve quality.

single test for your project

You can order a set of tests or a single software test and get a complete testing report. We offer:

-Exploratory, functional testing

-Performance testing

-Security testing

-Accessibility testing

-End to End testing

-Usability testing

-Acceptance testing

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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